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How a domestic violence charge can impact your life

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Each year thousands of people face domestic violence charges in California. It is one of the more common criminal charges. In an alleged domestic violence situation, there are obviously at least two people with a lot on the line: the defendant and the alleged victim.

This type of criminal case can have a significant impact on all parties, regardless of the ultimate outcome of the case.

In recent years, the concept of domestic abuse has evolved to include not only physical violence, but other forms of abuse as well. Domestic abuse, along with domestic violence, can include: harassment; threats; stalking; sexual abuse; or even destruction of property, among other conduct. But, for the most part, if an individual is facing a domestic violence charge in California, that individual is likely accused of actual, physically violent conduct.

The impact on your life

If you are a defendant in a domestic violence case, you may feel the impact of such a charge in the immediate aftermath of the arrest – regardless of the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra of the criminal justice system.

Even an arrest on such a charge may come with a certain stigma and, in the worst-case scenarios, you might lose your job because of the arrest or even lose access to your children, among other possible consequences. Not to mention the perception everyone else in your life might have of you after such a charge is filed.

Defendants in domestic violence cases need to take charge of planning their defense strategy as soon as possible. The impact of such a case can be dramatic and, sometimes, life-changing. Get a head-start on defending yourself if you can.