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If you are ever in a jam, call Mr. Swanson. The man is kind, professional, responsive and he really knows and understands the law and legal system. I am glad I found Mr. Swanson, I had met with almost a dozen attorneys and he made me feel the most comfortable in terms of dealing with someone, credibility and know how. Initially what drew me to his office was his many awards and rating on Super Lawyers and his excellent reviews on Avvo. He took care of my case after another attorney had abandoned my case in court and left me with no representation, I did not want to make a mistake and not research who I hired next and I’m very glad I hired David. The first lawyer I hired wanted me to take 6 months in jail, a felony and 2 years of formal probation, David on the other hand got me no jail time and 1 year informal no felony! David always answered all my questions, discussed his strategy with me and all elements of my case, and most importantly he made me feel like a respected human being and the last thing you want to do is deal with anyone who cannot do that. I highly recommend Mr. Swanson to anyone looking for a professional, able and willing criminal law attorney. He provided me with a free consultation also and I highered the man right on the spot!



Dave Swanson was referred to us by a friend who is a family law attorney in Newport Beach. We interviewed him and knew right away he was our guy. We relied on his knowledge of the law and years of experience negotiating in the Orange County courts. He acted with honesty and integrity throughout the case and got us the best outcome we could have expected.



Mr. Swanson was referred to me by a friend of mine and now having experienced his services myself I wanted to share my experience. He was able to resolve my case by having the charges dropped and saved me from serious repercussions. I am grateful for his passionate and professional services, he is a superman in mine and my family’s eyes.



I could not be happier with my attorney David Swanson. I was lucky to find him. He has handled 3 cases for my family. The outcome for each case has been optimal. He takes the time to go over the case details and works for the best outcome. THANK YOU!!!



Dave Swanson handled a very delicate criminal case for me and I can find few words that describe my gratitude and compliments that Dave well deserves for his expertise and ability to negotiate all felony charges dropped in my family member’s case. Kudos to an excellent attorney!



My son got into a very tricky situation where the potential result without an excellent attorney representation, could had been very complicated and with very bad results. Mr. Swanson, did a wonderful job for us, he kept us in the loop communicating constantly with us and we got the best possible result that we expected.



Mr. Swanson was extremely helpful in a legal matter I had. He made the experience easy and stress free. Thank you Dave!



Very reliable and always available every time I called for questions.



At age 20 my only son was faced with a third CA felony strike charge. That is potentially life imprisonment. My God . . . My only son. . . . I cannot express enough my sadness as a Mother. David Swanson undertook my son’s insurmountable case. David settled this mess and my treasure — my only son — will be back in my arms and in my lifetime within 6 years. David Swanson is. . . . I apologize — I am literally crying just speaking about him. I swear — if you think you might never see your loved one again — trust me — there is hope in this horrible reality when our loved ones are in trouble. Trust me and seek out relief in David Swanson



No one ever wants to have to hire a criminal defense attorney. I have had to twice in my life for two unrelated members of my extended family. The first was over 12 years ago. Had I not come across Mr. Dave Swanson, the results could have been devastating. He was able to show the prosecutor that we were not going to plea, that we were not going to back down, and that the charge was totally misrepresented. The charge was dismissed thanks to Mr. Swanson and his expertise in navigating the system.

The second time hiring Mr. Swanson was to represent a member of the family against a possible felony conviction that literally could have ruined someone’s life. This was a crime that the person was being charged with BUT DID NOT COMMIT. He hired investigators, interviewed people, compared statements, dissected the event. He was there to defend the rights of the accused. That is what a good criminal defense lawyer should do. The process was long and drawn out, over a year and a half, however, not once did I lose faith and I knew that the representation was the best. This charge was dismissed after the second day of trial, thanks to Mr. Swanson.

Mr. Swanson is an expert in the field of criminal defense. He knows his stuff. He knows the players: judges, prosecutors, other big-league plaintiff firms. Don’t think that that isn’t important. When you know the players you also know their points of views, their prejudices, their pet-peeves…thus, you know how to handle them. Mr. Swanson is a highly-skilled attorney and ALWAYS represents his clients with diligence and respect, with hard-work and a sound defense. He is trial-savvy, which many attorneys are not. He knows what is at stake and how to handle it.



Dave is a great guy and managed to help me out a lot with my case. I definitely will recommend him to anybody I know in need of a lawyer, and would use his services again in the future if need be!