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Facing A Felony? Don’t Go It Alone.

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Standing up against a felony criminal charge is a terrifying feeling. Fortunately, you do not have to go through it alone.

Board-certified criminal defense attorney David E. Swanson is here for you. He understands the severity of the charges you face, so he mounts an aggressive defense. From his Orange County firm, Law Office Of David Swanson, he protects clients from a wide spectrum of felony charges, including:

Being selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list for five continuous years, Mr. Swanson is known as a dedicated lawyer who treats clients as his own family. He aggressively pursues the outcome you need in your criminal case.

Why Is My DUI A Felony?

California usually penalizes DUIs as misdemeanors. However, four factors can elevate a DUI to a felony:

  • If it is your fourth DUI in 10 years
  • If you have a previous felony DUI conviction
  • If the accident injured someone else
  • If the accident caused someone else’s death

Even if one of these conditions is present in your case, do not give up hope. Mr. Swanson has helped many clients get their charges dismissed or reduced. He can also help you obtain alternative sentencing or the lightest penalties possible.

Do Not Underestimate Drug Offenses

Though California has some of the U.S.’s more lenient laws regarding drug use, it still penalizes felony offenders very seriously. Possession of substances such as cocaine and heroin are often immediately classified as felonies. Certain aggravating factors – like the presence of a weapon, the presence of a juvenile at the crime scene or participation in a gang – can result in a felony charge. Do not simply hope for the best and leave your future to fate. Work with Mr. Swanson to protect yourself.

Seek Strong Help For Felony Charges

Don’t go a felony offense alone. Law Office Of David Swanson has the tenacity, experience and strength you need in your defense. Work with Mr. Swanson by calling 949-591-8223 or by using his online contact form to schedule your initial consultation.