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Fentanyl crimes could soon have harsher penalties in California

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Drug Charges |

An arrest for any crime in Newport Beach and throughout California can be the catalyst to a litany of personal and professional problems. If these allegations are related to drugs and reach the felony level, those who are accused must be aware of the challenges they might face. Not only can it be costly financially, but it can result in incarceration and disfavor in the community. Drug charges can vary in why they are lodged. One drug that is drawing scrutiny across the nation is fentanyl.

Distribution and possession of fentanyl could have harsher penalties

Fentanyl has become so worrisome that state lawmakers are considering various ideas to worsen the penalties for distribution. Those charged should know the current and potential future laws for these allegations. Under one proposal, those who are charged with distribution of fentanyl leading to another person dying from an overdose would face 20 years to life in prison. In addition, people who are arrested for possession of fentanyl would be charged with a felony if they have at least two grams.

Enhanced penalties could be initiated if a person is accused of selling the opioid via social media or in locations where children congregate like school grounds. Also, there would be a change in its classification to a Schedule 1 drug. The seriousness of fentanyl and its dangers are sparking this attempt to pass new laws. Understandably, given the number of people who are overdosing and its prevalence – especially in California – solutions are being sought. Still, that does not mean that someone who is said to be involved with the drug in any way is guilty of a felony drug crime.

An aggressive defense may help with serious drug crime charges

With felony drug crimes under the current laws, the penalties can be significant. With fentanyl drawing negative attention, lawmakers are seeking ways to make the possible consequences worse. It is imperative for those who are arrested and charged for fentanyl or other drugs to be cognizant of the avenues of defense available to them. There may be a way to call the evidence into question based on flaws in the investigation. A reduction in charges could be possible. There might even be a viable path to an acquittal. Given the litany of issues that accompany a drug conviction, it is essential to know how to proceed. Having aggressive representation can assess the charges and decide on an effective strategy of defense.