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Guilty plea reduces sentence for father charged with child abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Child abuse triggers an instinctive response, especially for parents. When those inherently entrusted by biology and law to ensure a child’s safety allegedly go beyond the accepted practices, many wonder what could underlie such action. A father who pled guilty to felony child abuse last week will serve four years in state prison for an incident that took place on June 25th.

Administered Narcan to infant daughter who swallowed fentanyl

The man brought his ten-month old daughter to the hospital after she became unconscious. After initially denying so, he admitted that she had ingested fentanyl by sucking a straw that contained the drug. He administered Narcan to her in an attempt to save her life. The man pleaded not guilty on June 28 and denied aggravating factors under state law for causing great bodily harm to a child under five. Subsequently, he changed his plea.

Facing up to 23 years in prison if convicted of all charges, the man accepted a sentence of four years offered by the court on the basis of the guilty plea. Prosecutors objected in light of the fact that the conviction classifies as a “second strike” under state law. He had pleaded guilty in 2010 after conviction for second-degree robbery in 2009.

Felony criminal charges place a burden and weight on an accused that few understand and with whom fewer can empathize. Combined with these changes, legal penalties only aggravate the situation. An attorney who recognizes the challenges that lie ahead can offer guidance.