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Newport Beach surgeon and girlfriend could face reduced charges

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Felonies |

While any criminal allegation should be treated seriously, some charges carry significant penalties, making it imperative that one takes immediate steps to establish a defense. Facing felony charges could mean facing several years in prison. Thus, one should not only take steps to avoid these penalties but to also clear one’s name, so their personal and professional reputation is not damaged.

Sexual assault allegations

Based on recent reports, the Newport Beach hand surgeon and his girlfriend, who are both accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, will likely go to court with a new complaint. Prosecutors stated that they intend to move forward with a new complaint that would charge the pair with crimes against two alleged victims.

Previously, the matter was going to move forward with just one alleged victim; however, an amended complaint will include two of the five women that asserted sexual assault allegations against the couple.

Usage of evidence from other victims

Since the case was initially filed in September of 2018, many twists and turns have happened, including a move to drop the case entirely. However, the matter is moving forward with two of the five alleged victims. Currently at issue is whether or not prosecutors will be able to use evidence from the victims that are not part of the charges.

In sexual assault cases, prosecutors can use evidence from what is legally defined as “1108 victims.” This evidence can be used to help jurors to see a pattern of behavior even though no charges resulted from those alleged victims. This matter involves 13 alleged victims that have been interviewed. The usage of this evidence could impact the case, which makes it important for defendants to understand what options they have in these matters.

Asserting a criminal defense is just the beginning. One should consider various defense strategies, understanding what will work best in their situation. A strong and aggressive criminal defense could foster favorable results, such as reduced or dismissed charges. Thus, one should take the time to fully understand their rights and options in the matter.