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Man facing murder charges for crash that killed 18-year-old

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

When a person has been pulled over by law enforcement on suspicion of a DUI or has been arrested for a DUI in California, they can feel like everyone is against them. It is true that crimes like DUI are aggressively prosecuted in California and authorities will do whatever it takes to convict a defendant. Because these charges are so serious, those who are facing them should seek immediate legal help.

Fatal accident in Irvine

A fatal accident recently occurred on the Santa Ana freeway in Irvine. A woman was killed and another person was injured due to a crash caused by an alleged impaired driver. The defendant has been charged with driving under the influence of a drug causing injury with a sentencing enhancement of inflicting great bodily harm. The defendant had previously been convicted of bodily manslaughter in 2013.

Criminal defense attorney

If a defendant is facing a felony charge now is not the time to take the charges lightly. A conviction can upset every area of a person’s life both now and into the future. If a person has a prior criminal record their sentence can be even more severe. An attorney who specializes in criminal defense is the best resource a defendant can have at this time. They understand what their client is facing and have the experience to aggressively defend them against these serious charges. They know how the justice system works and will work on a strong defense that will help protect their client’s legal rights and help them tell their side of the story.

If a person is facing felony charges in California, they should understand that they may be facing years in prison along with a ruined personal and professional reputation. Bringing on legal help as soon as possible can help a defendant achieve the best possible outcome.